10 Inspiring Rope Braid Hairstyles

Can't master the three strand braid? Then the rope braid might be easier for you as its only two sections. The twist detail adds interest for ponytails, crown braid hairstyles, milk braids, cornrows and wedding braided up styles.

Step by step on how to create the rope braid;

  1. place hair into a ponytail. If you are learning on yourself we suggest to band the pony to the side so you can see what you are doing.

  2. Separate your pony into two sections.

  3. Twist the hair in the right section clockwise firmly

  4. And the hair in the left section counterclockwise.

  5. Cross the two twisted sections over one another tightly multiple times. Twisting the sections of the hair in the opposite directions in step 3 and step 4 ensures that when you band at the bottom that twists stay and don't unravel.

  6. Secure the end of the braid using an elastic band.

  7. And there you have your first creation of the ponytail rope twist.

Here is a video tutorial if your someone who likes to learn visually.

Once you have have the hang of it, like all braids you can start creating hairstyles by adding (pick up) sections as you move across the head to create intricate hair designs.

Rope Braid Hairstyle Inspiration

Here are our favourite inspirational rope braid hairstyles found on Instagram from creative hairstylists.

Crimped Cornrow Twist Hairstyle

Let's start off with some inspiration for you short hair babes. Russian hairstylist Pavel Okhapkin has crimped the all of the hair for this bob to create texture and added volume. small cornrow sections have been rope twisted to two thirds of the hair and the ends have been left out to show off the crimp texture.

Rope Twist Headband Hair

Runway hairstylist specialist Sam McKnight created this beautiful rope twisted hairstyle for Fendi in 2012.

Rope Twist Side Bun Bridal Hairstyle

After some inspiration for wedding hair? Hairstylist Shayla Robertson created a beautiful double rope twist braid to a side bun.

Bun Hairstyle with Rope Braid

Want to show off your pastel hair colour in an interesting way? Why not add in a rope braid cornrow down the centre of your hair into a sleek low bun like the creative team at Wieselmann Salon in Melbourne have.

Boho Waves Rope Twist Hairstyle

Australian Hair and Make-Up Artist Emma Chen is the queen of effortless looking boho waves hairstyles. This chic little half updo she has created has great volume at the roots which has been created by loosely twisting the hair into the rope braid.

Crown Rope Braid Hair

Loving this crown rope twisted hairstyle by Hairstylist Kevin Hughes for Moroccanoil. This crown hairstyle has been created by sectioning a small centred part line like you would for a single cornrow from the crown (or you could extend it to the middle of the head). Also create small sections of the same width at the hairline to continue the rope twist at the front. Secure the remaining hair out of the way. Start the rope braid from the crown and continue twisting until you reach the t-section of the forehead. The cross over the final sections and use one of the half from the top and add to the side so you now have two twists with the side (left). Continue braiding to over the ear and then twist to the ends and band. Complete this on the other side and band together at the middle of the head. Curl the rest of the hair with a large tong to create voluminous waves.

Festival Rope Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for a music festival. Moscow Hairstylist Elvira Shmeleva has added in extra volume to her twin rope braids by gently pulling on the sections after finishing to loosen and create a more relaxed vibe. The twists have been secured at the nape to create two ponytails and she has added in extra detail with small infinity braids.

Editorial Rope Braid Ponytails

Hairstylist Luke Harris created this hairstyle by sectioning the hair off into intricate curved part lines and slicked the hair with gel into shape and precise ponytails. The ponytails are banded with hair elastic to keep them firmly in place. Each ponytail has been perfectly twisted into rope braids and banded at the ends. Blue wool has been glued to the hair part lines to enhance the beautiful curves.

Rope Braid Updo

Hairstylist Alex Pelerossi created a multi braided upstyle by incorporating two cornrows down the centre parting to the nape of the head. The side sections have been rope twist braided to the nape and secured as ponytails then wrapped the twisted ends into buns and secured then into the hairstyle with bobby pins.

Side Rope Braid Upstyle

Hairstylist Chelsea James framed the models face beautifully here by adding rope twist braids that hugged the hairline and created movement and texture throughout the woven section that falls over the shoulder.

Which hairstyle is your favourite?

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