14 Shimmery Hairstyles with Glitter

Adding a bit of sparkle and sheen to your make your eyes pop is nothing new, but adding glitter to hairstyles has been making waves from festival braids, glitter roots and shimmery ombre rainbows. This colourful hair accessory comes in every possible colour imaginable under the rainbow. Add highlight to your hairstyle with a subtle mist of spray, or shine like a star by sprinkling chunky glitter shapes.

It can come in a variety of textures including loose particles of light-reflective shapes, glue sticks for easy application, hair sprays for a finer dust and glitter gel. Remember to select the ones that are made with biodegradable formulas.

Here is some inspiration to get you thinking of how you can experiment with hair glitter.

Create a rainbow effect by painting braids.

Add glistening shine to your wet-look hairstyle

Add gel with glitter like Celebrity Hairstylist Christian Wood did for Sophie Turner at the Met Gala. The silver glitter hair works beautifully with the metallic green sheen on the eye by Makeup Artist Georgie Eisdell. Scroll to the next picture to see how it all comes together with the styling.

Balayage the ends of your hair with glitter

On the Runway at the Giambattista Valli show hairstylist Paul Hanlon styled the hair with natural waved texture and dipped the hair in glitter to create a balayage effect.

Add hair gel and coloured glitter to moulded finger waves

Set finger waves with glittered gel to show off the movement of the bends like hairstylist Renya Xydis.

Create an ombre effect with glitter over a sleek low bun.


Add a hint of sparkle to base of a ponytail.


Sprinkle glitter and confetti shapes in the hair like at the Ashish runway show.


Enhance details in braids

Paint on chunky glitter around the outside of dutch braids for a more festival style look like Charl Heaney created with holographic glitter.

Looking for a really subtle option? Opt for a glitter part line.


Add a rainbow effect to fishtail braid for Mardi Gras

Hair Sprinkles

Sprinkle through shimmery stars to rainbow coloured hair for a dreamy look like Wynter DePriest at Monarch Hair Co.

Glitter contrasting parts

If your a lover of volume like us show off the width of your 'S Bend' waves with a flat iron by creating contrasting texture at the roots with glitter. Paint on the gel to the hairline and side part in a colour that works with your outfit.

So in love with this ombre soft pastel hair by Monarch Hair Co.

Dipped Glitter Ponytails

Create coolness to a simple ponytail by dipping the ends in glitter.


Which style are you going to try?

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